Friday, April 4, 2008

Forever Felon

I didnt just get sentenced for my crime, I recieved a death sentence along with it for the rest of my life. Yes I have made a many of mistakes and I have learned alot along the way. But for society to not allow me to fix my mistakes is unbearable. I am a certified surgical tech who has been unemployed now for 9 months. I have applied at every hospital ,every surgery center and every medical clinic in my town and the 2 towns next to me. I have not been hired because of that big bold word on my application "FELON". That word alone and society is what stands in my way of gaining employment and housing. The frustration is unbearable. The resources available are scant. And some do not apply to the higher paid jobs. I finally set up a petition site on care 2 petition site to mostly vent and to see how many other felons are having as much difficulty as I, in obtaining employment. Please check it out . Its under How long should felons be punished, in the civil rights area.